Michigan Boater Survey for Waterfowl Hunters

As part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) project "Mapping cumulative risks to prioritize prevention effort," we are again inviting all boat owners in Michigan and the Toledo, Ohio, area to complete a short survey. The survey includes questions related to your boating trips and activities this summer, and is expected to take approximately 15 minutes. The purpose of this survey is to improve understanding of boater movement between water bodies to better prevent transfer of nonindigenous (i.e. invasive) species like Eurasian milfoil.

Your participation is greatly appreciated, and will help efforts to protect and care for our shared Michigan waters. None of the information collected from the survey will be associated with your identity; therefore the results you share with us are anonymous. The survey can be found at: http://www.surveyexpression.com/s/14801/2013BoaterSurvey
The possible benefits to you for taking part in this research study are increased awareness of which species are present and at risk of spread in Michigan and Ohio, how to prevent the spread of these species, and where to learn more about aquatic nonindigenous species. This study is being led by Dr. Donna Kashian, Wayne State University. Please contact Dr. Kashian at dkashian@wayne.edu with any questions.