SBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Use this FAQ to promote the SBA and to resolve questions that may arise as the new guidelines take effect January 1, 2004.


Q – Can SBA money be reported through our regular dinner event?

A – Yes, as long as it is reported and not “lumped” with the event income.  A committee can choose to report via the standard Financial Report on a separate line through a dinner event, but no extra gun will be awarded for the SBA effort.  The income can be combined to boost the event income, which may earn a Growth Incentive gun.  SBA prints will not be free in this case.


Q – Can “E” event reports include prints donated locally?

A – Yes, however, if framing is needed, you must proceed with due diligence to see that it is as economical as possible.  For instance, we are paying $50 for prints ordered through NHQ and anything over that amount will potentially lower our profit margin.


Q – Do we need to report all 10 prints in 16 weeks in order to qualify for a gun?

A – Ten prints or fewer sold within 16 weeks, which produce at least $1,500 will produce a free gun.


Q – Why is a report needed?

A – Reports help track the success level of the program and give us information to improve the program.


Q – How many free guns can we earn?

A – A free gun will be awarded for every $1,500 unit received within a fiscal year.


Q – When can we order a gun that has been awarded for the “E” qualification?

A – Guns may be ordered during the following fiscal year.


Q – Can a committee transfer money from a “D” event to an “E” event and visa versa?

A – No.  Keep the two streams of income separate in your reports to maintain the integrity of both programs.


Q – Should income be sent with each report?

A – Yes, these reports track the program for incentives so funds must be included.


Q – What type of gun will we get?

A – Guns will be in the current GIG class.


Revised October 30, 2003