Migration Update: Bayou Bluewings

Fall is in the air across the United States and Canada, and DU's Migration Map glows with a multitude of reports from waterfowl hunters about duck and goose numbers in their area. The Louisiana marshes, wintering grounds for more than 13 million waterfowl in some years, are welcoming the arrival of blue-winged teal. These birds provide the first hunting action of the fall and bring with them the anticipation for the general waterfowl season.

"There's lots of good duck habitat right now across south Louisiana, and hunters have been really happy with their teal season overall," said Jerry Holden, DU's director of conservation programs in the South Mississippi Flyway. "That's what teal are–a first taste. The bluewings' arrival reminds us of all those things we need to do before the season begins, like getting out the decoys and working with the dog."

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