Light Goose Migration Headquarters

Follow the geese this spring

Photo © Avery Outdoors

The moment the regular waterfowl season closes, waterfowlers throughout the country begin shifting gears. No longer is the focus on storing equipment. The late winter and early spring have become the time for light goose hunting in the United States. The Light Goose Conservation Order offers waterfowlers liberal regulations to help control exploding populations of light geese. Chasing blues, snows and Ross's geese during their spring migration takes knowledge, skill and plenty of scouting. Ducks Unlimited's Light Goose Migration Headquarters contains hunting tactics and essential tools for understanding bird behavior and real-time Migration Alerts to keep hunters abreast of a constantly shifting, fast-paced migration.

The DU Migration Map will also provide you with an up-to-date spring migration status in your area.  

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