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Waterfowl 360 is here!

DU's www.waterfowl360.com is every waterfowler’s go-to online resource – a website built by waterfowlers and dedicated to their interests and needs. New content and features at waterfowl360.com offers many opportunities to stay engaged from opening day through the season’s last flight.

Migration Map

With the first cold fronts of autumn, waterfowl begin their amazing annual journey. Follow the birds with DU’s Migration Map, which includes these features:  

  • Weather – DU has combined migration reports with live radar and weather forecast overlay. See real-time and forecasted rain, snow, ice, and wind direction and temperature changes on DU’s Migration Map.
  • Field Editors – DU has selected volunteers from throughout the country to serve as DU Migration Field Editors. These dedicated volunteers provide reliable regional migration updates and hunting reports throughout each flyway.
  • Pro Staff Reports – Avery pro-staffers have built a reputation as waterfowl hunters in the know. Pro staff members provide updated hunting and migration reports on a weekly basis in their respective regions. 
  • User Reports – As in past years, waterfowl hunters across the continent are able submit migration and hunting reports on DU’s Migration Map.

New Content

WF360 features a variety of new content that is updated regularly, so check back often for the following: 

  • Stories – Articles from experts on decoy strategies, calling, shooting, cooking, and retriever training. 
  • Videos – Duck and goose hunting tips and tactics from well-known waterfowl hunters throughout the industry. 
  • Photo Contests – Two photo contests, sponsored by Winchester Ammunition and their new Blind Side waterfowl loads, will each offer more than $1,000 in prizes.
  • Gear – Check out reviews on latest waterfowl-hunting equipment.

Mobile Apps  

DU has also launched new mobile apps that will allow waterfowlers to track the fall migration and share their hunting experiences with others via the iPhone and Android platforms.

Like you, I can’t wait to hear whistling wings overhead, slide the first shell into the chamber, send my retriever on its first retrieve, and watch the sun rise on a waterfowl-filled morning. It’s our passion, and it’s what we live for. 

Hunt safe, and enjoy your time afield.

For the ducks,

Chris Jennings – Web Editor, Ducks Unlimited
Facebook – www.facebook.com/ducksunlimited
Twitter - @DucksUnlimited or @CJDucks

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