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The Enhance Difference
Our Family
At Enhance®, pet food is our one and only business. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been making quality pet foods for five generations. All of our foods are made in our own manufacturing facilities, which are located here in the USA. It's this hands-on approach and singular focus that allows us to deliver pet nutrition as it was meant to be. 

Our Formulation Philosophy
Sporting and performing dogs have unique physical and nutritional needs. They must be able to react quickly with explosive power, maintain extreme concentration and endurance throughout the day and recover quickly in between runs. In order for your dog to perform at his best, you know he needs superior nutrition year-round.

Chris Akin Testimonial

Ainsworth Specialty Brands

For more from Chris Akin and the rest of the world-renowned Enhance Pro Staff, please visit www.enhance3022.com/blog/.

At Enhance® we understand the precise nutritional needs of sporting and performance dogs. That's why all Enhance products are formulated to optimize protein-to-fat ratios. Our high-performance formulas offer concentrated nutrition for growing puppies and adult dogs that need the extra energy, while our lower density formulas help your dog maintain his lean and athletic physique in the off-season. With Enhance, you truly have a solution for every season.

Delivering Safe and Nutritious Pet Foods
The Enhance commitment to pet food safety surpasses anything in the marketplace today. We understand how important it is to not only earn but also keep the trust of the pet parents who expect nothing but the best from their pet food provider. Every day, we work hard to ensure pet parents continue to trust us for the foods we provide. It's how we've done business for the past 75 years and how we intend to do business for the next 75 years and beyond. 

Enhance ProEndurance Enhance Hunt Premium Enhance ProAthlete
Enhance ProEndurance Enhance Hunt Premium Enhance ProAthlete

The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System

It's Not Safe Until We Say It's Safe
Because we are so committed to pet food safety we have instituted The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System. This system allows us to guarantee the safety of our products from the moment we purchase ingredients to the time we ship our products out the door. The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System is just one of the many fundamental things we do every day to ensure we meet our customers' expectations of quality and safety.
  • Check One: Our Commitment to Ingredient Safety 
    Check One begins with our long-term relationships with our local and domestic suppliers. Our family's team of sourcing experts have carefully chosen each and every one of these suppliers because, like us, they take pride in ensuring their ingredients are not only of the highest quality, but also safe for your pet's overall health and well-being.
  • Check Two: Ensuring Product Accuracy 
    Check Two works across our entire operational system to ensure accuracy. Our team of experienced and dedicated employees continuously monitors and verifies every step of the production process to ensure precise nutrient and ingredient levels. In addition, our internal laboratory scientists test, analyze and monitor the production process to ensure no harmful toxins or contaminates are introduced from unknown or unanticipated sources. They also verify our Guaranteed Analysis to ensure the same consistency, high-quality and nutrition level exist in each and every bag.
  • Check Three: Our 48-Hour Hold Before Release 
    Check Three is the final step we take before allowing any food to leave our facilities. Every product is held in our warehouse for 48 hours until safety testing is complete. This step confirms that there is no salmonella present and that all nutritional values are accurate in accordance to regulatory and formula standards.
Field-tested and Pro Staff-Approved
Even after we've finished all of the food quality and safety checks, we're still not satisfied. In order to earn the Enhance® title, a product must survive the Proving Grounds. It's on these Proving Grounds that the members of our Pro Staff put the product through the most important and rigorous of tests. Every member of our team of professional trainers has extensive experience training sporting dogs and has won countless championships and titles. The Pro Staff Proving Grounds results and recommendations are vital to ensuring that Enhance continues to be the most effective and most versatile performance brand in the market today. For more from the world-renowned Enhance Pro Staff, please visit www.enhance3022.com/blog/.

Enhance Brand Dog Food is a proud supporter of Ducks Unlimited.

You can learn more by visiting http://enhance3022.com/ducks-unlimited.

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