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2011 Honorable Mention Retriever Entries
Photos from the 2011 Photo Contest

Retrievers: All in Good Time
Timing is everything in retriever training

Ducks Unlimited Hunting Dogs Screensaver
Celebrating our loyal canine companions

Photo Essay: Retrievers
A photographic tribute to our favorite hunting companions

Picking the Right Retriever
Consider these helpful hints before selecting your next duck dog

Dangers of Dogs and Ice
Icy conditions can be trecherous for your retriever

Fetching Divers on Big Water
Have your retriever prepared for the long-retrieves diving ducks tend to offer

Patch Up Your Pooch
Canine first aid tips for the field

A Lesson in Limber Tail
Many dog handlers and even veterinarians have never heard of limber tail. Read on to learn how to recognize, treat and prevent this painful tail injury affecting many sporting dogs.

Air Travel With Your Retriever
What to know before you leave for the airport

Dual-Purpose Dogs
With a little preparation, your retriever can perform well in the uplands, too

Building a Dog Kennel
Plan and build the right kennel

7 Retriever Training Secrets
Achieve peak performance from your retriever

Retriever Training Video Tips
Starring Deke the DU Dog and Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels

Shooting Dogs...With a Camera
Capture your dog's greatest retrieving moments

River Dogs
A river dog is a canine companion for adventure

Summer Drills for Retrievers
These training exercises will help you get your dog ready for hunting season

Overcoming a Fear of Gunfire
Gun-shyness is best avoided through common-sense training

Duck Dogs and Doves
Warm weather requires handlers to use common sense when dove hunting with their retrievers.

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