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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Fetching Divers on Big Water
Have your retriever prepared for the long-retrieves diving ducks tend to offer

Video Tip: Training in the Heat
Summer retriever training tips with Deke, the DU dog

Retriever Training: The Block
Mike Stewart, Wildrose Kennels

Introduction to Dog Blinds
Keep your dog hidden

Patch Up Your Pooch
Canine first aid tips for the field

Retriever Training: Facing Distractions
Tips to keep your retriever focused

Retriever Gear: Canine First Aid Kit
Be prepared for retriever injuries

New DU Dog Has a Name!
Deke to replace Drake as DU mascot

Retriever Training: Maneuver Your Retriever through Decoys
Introduce your dog to decoys before the first hunt

Preseason Retriever Conditioning Tips
It's up to you to get your retriever into shape

Tips to Shoot Quality Retriever Photos
Bill Buckley explains how to capture the perfect shot

Preventing Hard Mouth
Advance preparation is the best way to keep your retriever from mangling birds

Tips on Caring for Your Senior Dog
4 tips to keep your old friend in top shape

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