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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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WF360 Retriever Photo Contest
AJ Layton wins WF360 Retriever Photo Contest

Retrievers: Remote Control
The ability to direct your retriever with hand signals is invaluable in the field

Retrievers: The All-American Chessie
The Chesapeake Bay retriever is among a handful of sporting dogs made in the USA

Retriever Training: Maneuver Your Retriever through Decoys
Introduce your dog to decoys before the first hunt

Retriever Training: Deke versus the Heat
Tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

Retrievers: Retrieving to Hand
Expert advice to prevent your dog from stopping short or dallying during bird delivery

Retriever Training Tip: Inside, Off Season with Deke
Reinforce retrieving indoors in the spring and summer

Tips to Shoot Quality Retriever Photos
Bill Buckley explains how to capture the perfect shot

Retrievers: Hazards Afield
Retrievers may confront any number of potentially dangerous situations

Retriever Training: Working an Elevated Stand
Train your retriever to work from this position

Retriever Training: Facing Distractions
Tips to keep your retriever focused

Retriever Gear: Canine First Aid Kit
Be prepared for retriever injuries

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