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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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WF360 Retriever Photo Contest
AJ Layton wins WF360 Retriever Photo Contest

The Essential Golden Retriever
Whether in the duck blind, field-trialing, or competing in hunt tests, this breed is more than capable of holding its own

7 Retriever Training Secrets
Achieve peak performance from your retriever

Favorite DU Photos: May 2013
Member photos of the day from the month of May

Better Blind Retrieves
One trainer insists that straight lines are essential

Marking off the Gun
Improve your retreiver's marking skills

Retriever Training in Summer
Take different approaches as the mercury rises this summer

Breaking Bad Behavior
What to do if your retriever won’t stop whining or can’t sit still

Puttin' on the Polish
Polish arises from an attention to detail

Pre-Season Training Tips
A summer workout program will help get your dog ready for duck season

Picking the Right Retriever
Consider these helpful hints before selecting your next duck dog

Retriever Training Video Tips
Starring Deke the DU Dog and Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels

Ducks Unlimited Hunting Dogs Screensaver
Celebrating our loyal canine companions

Adding Polish and Style
Instilling confidence in your dog during training will result in top performance in the field.

Dual-Purpose Dogs
With a little preparation, your retriever can perform well in the uplands, too

10 Retriever Tune-Up Tips
Prepare your dog for the season and keep him sharp all year

Building a Dog Kennel
Plan and build the right kennel

The Unholy Time Schedule
One of the biggest mistakes a dog owner can make is being too rigid in training

Goose Dogs
Prepare your retriever for the special challenges of goose hunting.

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