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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Migration Alert: Late-Season Opportunities Remain in Oklahoma and Missouri

Jan. 24 - Oklahoma and Missouri
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By Jeff Kurrus

Scouting will be the key to success during the last weekend of the duck season in Oklahoma. "There are good fields scattered all across the state," says Oklahoma migratory game bird biologist Josh Richardson, "but it doesn't take much pressure for birds to pick up and move somewhere else. There's nothing really holding them in any particular area." 

In Oklahoma's Zone 2, covering the entire eastern part of state and open for duck hunting until January 27, hunters should look for areas with good water conditions and light hunting pressure. "The area around Fort Gibson in the northeast is holding a fair group of birds," Richardson says, "but low water levels make concealment a challenge."

Goose hunting is also spotty statewide, with the north-central and northwestern parts of the state holding more Canada geese. Snow geese can be found in scattered concentrations in both eastern and western counties. 

Next door in northwestern Missouri, waterfowlers are also focusing on geese. In the Kansas City area, Canada goose numbers peaked around Christmas, but there are still plenty of birds left to hunt. "We're field hunting right now in both winter wheat and corn stubble, placing about 15 dozen field decoys and adding floaters when we're near water," says Erich Rogge. "It's very important to stay hidden this time of year. We also make adjustments to our calling depending on what the geese want to hear."

Southeast Missouri had an up-and-down waterfowl season. Drought and lack of suitable habitat had a major impact on hunter's success. "When the birds arrived, most hunters were reporting excellent hunting," says Jimbo Robinson, Southeast Missouri DU regional director. "Unfortunately, it was hit-or-miss for most of the season. Some of the more traditional hunting areas were not holding ducks and that hurt many hunters."

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