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Banding Together for Waterfowl

2013 Waterfowl Forecast

Good habitat conditions on the breeding grounds should result in another large fall flight this year
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Atlantic Flyway

The majority of Atlantic Flyway waterfowl are raised in the Boreal Forest and Arctic of eastern Canada as well as in the Prairie Pothole Region, Great Lakes region, and northeastern United States. In the eastern survey area (eastern Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, Maine, and northern New York), the most common ducks (in order of abundance) were ring-necked ducks, black ducks, mallards, goldeneyes, mergansers, and green-winged teal. Among these species, populations of ring-necked ducks and goldeneyes were up significantly this year, while those of other species were similar to last year's estimates. 

Approximately 1.28 million breeding ducks were surveyed in the northeastern United States from New Hampshire to Virginia, similar to last year's total of 1.31 million birds.  

In Atlantic Canada, DU Canada Conservation Programs Specialist Nic McLellan reports that despite dry summer weather, typical waterfowl production is expected in this region. "Broods of many waterfowl species were observed on the landscape this summer. Water levels range from normal to slightly below normal, but the availability of wetland habitat remains good for waterfowl brood rearing. Based on long-range forecasts, water levels should remain average throughout the summer," McLellan says. 

The outlook for Atlantic Flyway goose populations is mixed. While aerial breeding ground surveys of Atlantic Population Canada geese were not conducted in 2013, biologists expected these birds to have below-average gosling production, based on weather data observed on Quebec's Ungava Peninsula and along the Hudson Bay coast. Farther north, in the eastern Canadian Arctic, weather conditions were generally more favorable for breeding geese, and average production was expected among greater snow geese and Atlantic brant.  

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