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DU Migration Map: Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for other migration resources?  Check out DU's Waterfowl Migration Headquarters.

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If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, we'd love to hear from you.  Email us at migrationmap@ducks.org.

Submitting Reports

Q. Who submits reports to the migration map?

  • Any visitor to the DU Web site may submit a report. We encourage everyone to participate to make the map as effective and useful as possible.

Q. How often can I submit a report?

  • You may submit as many reports as you like. For example, if you've recently returned from a hunting trip in multiple locations, please submit a report for each location you visited.

Q. I submitted a report, but I don't see it posted on the map. Why?

  • The map refreshes with new reports every 5 minutes. If you don't see your report, wait 5 minutes (less in some cases) then refresh the map.  You will see your report at that time. Once your report is displayed, it will stay active on the map for 24 hours. After that time, we encourage you to come back and submit a new report.

Q. Do I have to be a waterfowl hunter to participate in this map?

  • Not at all. We encourage anyone who is passionate about waterfowl, bird watching or migration patterns to submit reports regularly to the map.

Q. What happens if someone submits a false report, with the intention of misleading users about waterfowl activity in a certain area?

  • Obviously, we have no way to prevent someone from making a "false" report on the map. However, if multiple users submit reports to the same location during a 24 hour period, we take a mathematical average of the reports and display the appropriate marker based on that average. So, the more people who participate, the less likely it will be for a few folks to skew the results.  We also monitor all reports and remove malicious or obvious misleading reports immediately.

Q. What is the comment box used for when I submit a report?

  • We encourage users to add comments about their observation or waterfowl encounter. For example, if you observed waterfowl during a hunt, feel free to add your take on the hunting experience, which species you saw, or any other related commentary. Please take care to use proper grammar and spelling. Reports are subject to review before posting.

Navigation and Using the Map

Q. How do I zoom into a marker on the map?

  • To zoom, double click any section of the map (not a marker), use your mouse wheel, or hit the "plus" (+) key on your keyboard. You may also use the zoom slider control on the left side of the map.

Q. How can I view the map with state borders and local references?

  • By default, the map is shown in aerial view without the aid of state borders. You may change this option at any time by clicking the “Hybrid” view on the Zoom control toolbar on the map.

Q. When I zoom in on the map, some areas are clear and others are blurry. Why?

Q. How do I get migration updates sent to my email address?

  • Locate a marker on the map that represents the city or general area of interest. Next, click the link that says "Notify me of new reports." Enter your email address and you will receive an email any time a report has been submitted to this particular location.

General & Miscellaneous Questions

Q. Does the migration map track live ducks?

  • No. The DU Migration map is made up of user-submitted reports of waterfowl activity in a given geographic area. The map does not track live waterfowl.

Q. Why can't I submit a migration report in Mexico?

  • We realize that waterfowl migrate all the way from Canada down through Mexico and beyond. However, for a number of technical reasons, we had to limit migration tracking to Canada and the United States for the time being.

Q. How can I advertise or become a sponsor on the migration map?

  • Please contact Beth Bryan (901-758-3779), Director of Advertising for Ducks Unlimited if you would like more information on sponsoring the DU migration map.

More Questions?

If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, we'd love to hear from you.  Email us at migrationmap@ducks.org.

Looking for other migration resources?  Check out DU's Waterfowl Migration Headquarters.



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