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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowler's Notebook: My Cornfield Duck Blind

Here's a quick-and-easy concealment system that you can set up almost anywhere
  • photo by Wade Bourne
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By Wade Bourne

Hunters don't have to spend enormous amounts of time and money to construct an effective duck blind. Last season my partners and I built a blind that cost very little and took only a couple of hours to construct. The blind accommodated four hunters comfortably and afforded us some of our best shooting of the year in our flooded cornfield. Here's how we did it.

We began by building the blind before we flooded the field. After deciding on the location and orientation of the blind in the standing corn, we cleared the cornstalks from a 4x12-foot area. We were very careful not to knock down any stalks standing outside the edges of this rectangle.

We collected the following materials: eight 6-foot metal fence posts; two 4x8-foot sheets of 1/2-inch-thick pressure-treated plywood; two 4-gauge-wire cattle panels, each 16 feet long and 50 inches high; and several dozen 12-inch heavy-duty black plastic zip ties. In order to assemble everything, we also brought along a power saw, hole saw (with a 2-inch bit), sledgehammer, fence post driver, bolt cutters, and wire cutters.

First we cut one of the plywood sheets in half to make two 4x4-foot pieces, and discarded one of them. Next we used the hole saw to cut 2-inch-round holes just inside each corner of the remaining 4x8-foot and 4x4-foot pieces of plywood. Then we laid the two boards end to end on the ground over the clearing in the corn.

Using the sledgehammer and post driver, we pounded a fence post into each hole in the plywood. We drove the posts into the ground on an angle so that they sloped inward toward the center of the blind. This anchored the plywood, ensuring that it wouldn't float up from its moorings when we flooded the field. It also helped us narrow the shooting hole at the top of the blind, providing us better cover from ducks circling overhead.


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