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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Five Small Spreads for Ducks
Here's how to make the most of a limited number of decoys in five common waterfowl habitats

Lease, Guide or Freelance?
Waterfowlers should consider their options on how, when and where they hunt

My Ultimate Duck Blind: Illustrations
Article by Wade Bourne. Illustrations by Kyle Mills.

My Ultimate Duck Blind
After years of trial and error, DU magazine editor-at-large Wade Bourne finally built what he believes is the perfect duck blind

How to Make a Jerk Cord for Decoys
Jim Ronquest explains how to make and use a jerk cord

Rivers of Opportunity
Tips from three veteran waterfowler's on river hunting

Retrievers: Hazards Afield
Retrievers may confront any number of potentially dangerous situations

Five Tactics for Late-Season Ducks
Follow this expert advice to end your season on a high note

Cold, Hard Facts: Cold Weather Duck Hunting Tips
Five ways to bag birds when the mercury dips

Mid-Season Magic
Tips from 3 avid hunters to help solve the mid-season riddle

Wood Duck Trifecta
Try these three strategies to bag more woodies

Duck Calling Video: Learn Single Quacks
Start with duck calling basics before moving to more advanced calls

Hunting Early Season Migrating Ducks
Get a jump-start on the hunting season

Duck Hunting Journal App for iPhone and Android
Log Your Duck Hunts on Your Android or iPhone Device

Mastering the Comeback Duck Call
This often-neglected call can make all the difference

Duck Calling Video: Learn the feed call
Fundemental steps to master the feed call

Know Your Firearm
Be prepared to break down your gun in the field

RNT Tips: Stop Calling
When calling ducks into range, it's important to know when to back off

Secrets for Early Geese
10 tips from the Avery Pro Staff

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