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Good duck hunting doesn't have to be complicated 
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Embrace Technology

Technology has changed waterfowling just as it has everything else. Modern hunters have access to a broad range of new gear that has made hunting easier and more hassle-free. Layout blinds, mud motors, ATVs, new decoy systems, and improvements in shotguns and loads are all designed to make hunting more efficient and effective. New high-tech clothing and outerwear allow you to hunt with fewer cumbersome layers and still stay dry, warm, and comfortable. 

The Internet is also a great resource that can help you make the most of your limited hunting time. Websites that feature migration updates, weather data, river and lake stages, and other useful information have made "intelligence gathering" easier than ever. Hunters who incorporate these new tools into their overall hunting strategies are sure to have a leg up on those who don't.

Hire a Guide

If you want a truly hassle-free experience, hire a guide and let him do the heavy lifting for you. Pay the fee, and settle back for a leisurely day of duck or goose hunting. All you have to do is show up with your gun, shells, and personal gear. 

Before booking a hunt with a guide, do your homework. The best insurance is talking to references. Ask questions about the overall hunt—the location, blind, equipment, decoys, calling—and also about the guide's temperament, work ethic, and other pertinent information. 

Remember that the one thing a guide can't control is the weather, which affects how well the birds fly. When you book a date, you're rolling the dice that you will hit a good day. If action is slow but the guide does his best for you, he has fulfilled his obligation.

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