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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Hiding in Plain Sight

Expert waterfowlers share their secrets of how to conceal hunters in open environments
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Concealment Resources

Layout Boats and Coffin Blinds - As the popularity of layout boats and coffin blinds has grown, manufacturers are working hard to meet the demand. Otter Outdoors of Maple Leaf, Minnesota, has developed a series of innovative new layout boats constructed of durable, lightweight polyethylene for use in a variety of wetland habitats. All Otter boats feature a twin-hull design for stability, and have custom-contoured interiors with built-in foot locks and nonskid floors. For more information, phone 877-GO-OTTER, or visit the company's Web site at www.otteroutdoors.com. Other manufacturers include Four Rivers Layout Boats (www.fourriverslayoutboats.com), Mighty Layout Boys (www.mightylayoutboys.com), MoMarsh (www.momarsh.com), Carstens (www.carstensindustries.com), and Ron Bankes Hunting Boats (www.banksboats.com).

Layout Blinds - During the past decade, lay-down blinds have revolutionized goose hunting in North America. Avery Outdoors, an official licensee of Ducks Unlimited, has emerged as an industry leader in the production of these deadly field blinds. Designed in consultation with veteran goose guides, Avery's Finisher, Migrator, and Power Hunter blinds offer superb concealment, visibility, and comfort, and are available in DU Series/Advantage Max-4 HD camouflage. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.averyoutdoors.com. Other manufacturers include Final Approach (www.kolpin.com), Ameristep (www.Ameristep.com), Goose View Industries (www.gooseview.com), and Beavertail (www.fisherbeavertail.com).

Artificial Camouflage - Artificial cover systems have made brushing boats and blinds quicker and easier than ever before. Several companies now offer woven grass mats made of natural or artificial materials that closely match the texture of natural marsh grass and grain stubble. For hiding in flooded timber and bottomlands, the PMI Cover System offers the concealment of natural tree branches without the hassle of cutting brush. Each package contains six pliable artificial tree limbs attached to a mounting block, which is easily installed on the side of a boat or blind with a pop rivet gun. For more information, phone 888-419-6706, or visit the company's Web site at www.coversystem.com.

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