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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Duck Hunting Tips from DU Members

Words of wisdom from DU members across North America
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Beaucoup Movement

The philosophy behind the movement of decoys is to make the decoy seem alive and draw the ducks' attention. Most of the new motion decoys, however, are expensive and can be a hassle to operate in some hunting areas. An inexpensive solution is to tie some of your decoy anchor lines around the center of the keel, using a cleat hitch. This makes the decoys much more responsive to wind and current than when the lines are tied to either end of the keel. -Steve Mayes, Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Art Deco

A great way to put a realistic camo paint job on your duck boat or other equipment is to use pieces of tree branches with leaves as stencils for spray paint. Hold the natural stencil material near the boat and make a pass with the spray can, creating a faint, shadowy outline. Try to make shadowy images rather than hard, crisp impressions. Move around the boat, making spray patterns at different angles and with different colors. The end result will be a highly realistic camouflage that is much more aesthetic than most paint jobs you see at the local boat landing. -Larry Robinson, Lupton, Michigan

Plastic Coat

If you ever have problems with lead weights chipping paint or leaving color stains on your decoys during transport and storage, try covering them with rubberized plastic coating. You can find this liquid at most hardware or home stores. Simply dip your weights in the liquid and set them out to dry. One can will cover several dozen weights. I also use this material to coat my goose decoy stakes so they won't rust and corrode. -Pete R. Gutbrod, Sheridan, Oregon

Aging Geese

Geese are easy to age. Simply look at their tail feathers. Juvenile geese have a V notch at the tip of their tail feathers. Adult geese, however, have a rounded or pointed tip on their tail feathers. -Fran Gough, Macungie, Pennsylvania

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