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Banding Together for Waterfowl

15 Veteran Tips for Waterfowlers

Veteran share their secrets for better hunting.
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9. Choose a Good Timber Call

Mississippi call maker Will Primos says several features are useful in a timber call. "I like a double-reed call that allows for both soft and aggressive calling in the woods," he says. "I like a dimple in one of the two reeds, which keeps them from sticking together. Some double reeds have a hole in the side of the stopper. With the hole uncovered, the sound is higher pitched, and it's low-pitched when covered. Also, when you put a duck call to your lips, the mouthpiece should be very smooth. If it's rough or sharp, you can't put the required pressure on it."

10. Find a Contented Flock

Snow goose guru Tyson Keller says it's important to evaluate the mood of a flock of light geese while scouting. "Finding a field with birds that are tightly packed and contented will probably provide better success than a field with birds that are spread out and moving around," he says. "A contented flock has found a good food source on the ground, while a flock that's moving may still be searching for food. The key to scouting is to find birds that will return to a field rather than birds that are still actively looking for food."

11. Clean Your Blind at Season's End

Virginia hunter Tom Ritter spends time maintaining his layout blinds at the end of a long season. "I use Final Approach X-Land'Rs, which have zippers at the feet," he says. "I hang them up and open the zippers to sweep out shotgun hulls, candy bar wrappers, and mud. I also remove any stubble that's still stuck in the straps. The raffia grass we brush with at the end of season isn't good for early season the next fall. I spray silicone lubricant on the zippers, let them hang to dry for a few days, and store them off the ground. This way, I know come September resident goose season, all I have to do is pull the blinds out of storage and they're ready to go."

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