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Banding Together for Waterfowl

September 2010 Waterfowl Gear Guide


Waterfowl seasons in the North are kicking off with a bang in September, while the rest of the country's waterfowl hunters prepare. This month's gear guide will help you get ready for the much-anticipated first day in the field.


MOJO Bug Shot Insect StripMOJO Bug Shot Insect Strip

MOJO revolutionized hunting comfort with the all-new MOJO Bug Shot, which contains an EPA-approved, proven time-release chemical strip that kills most common flying and crawling insects, for up to 4 months, in deer- and duck-blind-sized enclosed structures. Place it in the summer, and when you come back in the fall, no more wasp nests or similar insect problems. Kills wasps, flies, spiders, mosquitoes and much more. It's never been this easy...just look for the MOJO Bug Shot's "Shotgun Shell" casing.

For more information, visit www.mojooutdoors.com.


Haydel's 25th Anniversary DR-85 Mallard Duck Call

Haydel's 25th Anniversary DR-85 Mallard Duck Call

Hard to believe that the popular Haydel DR-85 Mallard Duck Call is already 25 years old. As an anniversary model, the ADR-85 is still tuned like your old one, except now it's finished in green. The ADR-85 Mallard Duck Call is everything a novice or veteran caller needs. A non-porous, waterproof construction eliminates swelling and reed sticking. The double-reed design produces an excellent tone. These calls will be in limited supply and are sure to become a classic collector's call.

For more information, visit www.haydels.com.



GHG Hot Buy Goose Decoy Shells

Get the best deal on goose shells anywhere with the GHG Hot Buy Canada, Specklebelly and Snow Goose Decoy Shells! These Hot Buy shells feature reliable GHG paint schemes, flocked heads and stackable bodies for easy storage. Six Universal Motion Stakes are included.

GHG Hot Buy Goose Decoy Shells

Details: 21.5" long, 6" high, price includes 6 Feeder, 4 Rester and 2 Semi-Rester shells

For more information, visit www.averyoutdoors.com.



Drake EST Heat-Escape Waterproof Hunting Shirt

Drake's latest addition to its Early Season Series delivers critical wind- and water-proofing, while at the same time enabling you to quickly regulate body temperature with Heat-Escape Vents. Perfect for the changing conditions hunters encounter during the early season.

Drake EST Heat-Escape Waterproof Hunting ShirtFeatures:

  • Magnetic Chest Call Pouch Secured with an exclusive magnetic clasp, this unique vertical pocket allows you to quickly stow your calls when not in use, but keeps them instantly available when needed.
  • License/Key Pouch This secure, vertical breast pocket zippers tight for storing licenses, permits and keys, with enough extra room for a cell phone. Keeps contents high and dry with absolute security.
  • Call Separator This handy feature keeps your favorite call separated from your backups to eliminate fumbling when the ducks are flying fast and furious overhead.

For more information, visit www.drakewaterfowl.com.


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