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Cooking: Making Marinades and Rubs
Try these easy recipes for tastier ducks and geese on the grill

The Ultimate Duck Dinner
The Sporting chef shares his menu for the perfect summer feast

Living Lakes Initiative
Conserving Minnesota and Iowa's wetlands and shallow lakes

Favorite DU Photos: May 2013
Member photos of the day from the month of May

May 2013 Gear Guide
Shooting Equipment

Favorite DU Photos: April 2013
Member photos of the day from the month of April

Q&A with Corey Cogdell
U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal Winner in Trapshooting

Southwestern Sloppy Joes
Mom's classic sandwich recipe is even better with waterfowl and this tangy, savory sauce

A Primer on Moist-Soil Management
Managing seasonal wetlands for seed-producing natural vegetation has many advantages over planting crops

Ducks in Wild Abundance
Just how good were the good old days? Waterfowl biologists explore how large the fall flight might have been in early America

New Guns & Gear for 2013
Take a look at our annual selection of the latest shotguns, ammo and accessories for waterfowlers. By Gary Koehler.

2013 DU Member Photo Contest
This year's winners include another stunning collection of waterfowl and hunting images from across the nation

April 2013 Gear Guide
Dual-Season Gear

Favorite DU Photos: March 2013
Member photos of the day from the month of March

March 2013 Gear Guide
Retriever Training Gear

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