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Banding Together for Waterfowl

New Waterfowling Guns for 2013

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By Gary Koehler

The latest in waterfowling firearms features new options, plus improved functionality for several proven duck guns.

1. Beretta Xplor A400 Action Counts Shots and More

Beretta recently announced the debut of the A400 Xplor Action, a semiautomatic shotgun now available in both 12- and 20-gauge designs. The Action is the first semiauto field shotgun to be equipped with an electronic device that counts fired shots. The GunPod component, which is housed in the pistol grip cap, performs other functions as well. These shotguns are lightweight and feature Beretta's Kick-Off recoil reducer, which uses two hydraulic dampeners. The receiver is copper-tinted. Chambered for 3-inch shotshells, the Action 12-gauge is available with a 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrel. The 20-gauge model also has a 24-inch barrel option. berettausa.com 

2. New Browning A5 Handles 3 1/2-inch Shells

Waterfowlers may well have seen this coming. Hot on the heels of last year's introduction of the new A5, Browning is now offering a magnum version of this popular autoloader chambered for 3 1/2-inch loads. The only shotgun to come with a 100,000-round or five-year warranty, the A5 now offers gunners an increased payload. This gun has all the standard features of Browning's redesigned A5—the humpback receiver, extra-long forcing cone, Invector-DS choke tube system, and Inflex II recoil pad. In addition, this 3 1/2-inch model is available in Mossy Oak's new Shadow Grass Blades camouflage pattern as well as black synthetic. browning.com   

3. Chiappa Firearms Creates Rare Triple-Barrel Shotgun

If unique is what you seek, Chiappa Firearms has just the gun for you. The new Triple Crown three-barreled shotgun features a side-by-side configuration with a third barrel perched on top, providing a single sight plane. The Triple Crown is available in 12-gauge with 3-inch chambering and Rem-Choke choke tubes. This is a single-trigger shotgun; the barrels fire in a clockwise sequence with each pull of the trigger. The Triple Crown field model features 28-inch barrels and weighs in at 8 1/2 pounds. chiappafirearms.com

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