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Banding Together for Waterfowl

New Guns & Gear for 2014

Check out this year's selection of the latest shotguns, ammo, and accessories for waterfowlers
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1. Float Spinning-Wing Decoys in Deep Water 
How do you set up spinning-wing decoys in deep or rough water? Floatstand has answered this question with a unique design that allows spinning-wing decoys to actually float on the water. This system comes with four floating Flambeau Storm Front mallards—two drakes and two hens—and can be deployed with a wide variety of spinning-wing decoys. floatstand.com

2. Real Mama Jama Creates Ripple Effect 
Mojo Outdoors has taken its traditional Mojo spinning-wing decoy, placed it on a floating base, and added a propulsion pump that stirs up the water. The result is the new Mama Jama, which generates motion in multiple ways to lure passing ducks within shooting range. mojooutdoors.com 

3. Higdon Launches New Battleship Pintails 
At 21 inches in length, Higdon's new Battleship pintail decoys are made to get noticed. These magnum floating decoys feature one-piece construction and a weighted keel. They're big enough to grab the attention of high-flying ducks yet also highly detailed for up-close inspection. Six-pack sets include four drakes and two hens. higdondecoys.com

4. Flambeau Premieres Flocked Head Mallard Decoy 
Flambeau Outdoors has expanded its classic Storm Front mallard line with the addition of the Flocked Head Mallard floating decoy. This premium decoy features Flambeau's unique Uvision paint scheme and weighted keel. The flocking adds realism to help lure wary ducks into your spread. flambeau.com

5. Greenhead Gear Offers Pro-Grade Canvasbacks 
Canvasbacks are the latest addition to Greenhead Gear's Pro-Grade series. Realism and durability are the signatures of these full-body decoys, which come in six-pack sets containing an assortment of drakes and hens in a variety of body postures. All Greenhead Gear decoys are officially licensed by Ducks Unlimited, and your purchase of these products helps support DU's conservation efforts. greenheadgear.com

6. DOA Issues Rogue Series Canada Goose Decoys 
Fooling Canada geese isn't a simple task. DOA's new Rogue Series Fullbody Canada Goose decoys were designed to add more realism to your spread. These durable, one-piece decoys have double-flocked heads and tails to make them stand out in a field spread. They're sold in six-packs consisting of three feeders, two relaxed actives, and one sentry. doadecoys.com

7. New Decoy Weights Help Eliminate Tangled Lines 
Blackwing Advancements' new Duck Egg Weights are designed to keep decoy lines wrapped tightly so they don't tangle. They accomplish this with a unique looped bungee cord system that allows you to attach the weight to the decoy's keel, head, or tail while keeping tension on the line. blackwinghunting.com

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