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New Guns & Gear 2009

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Federal Premium’s Black Cloud Offers New Loads Federal Premium’s Black Cloud shotshells are now available in 20- and 10-gauge loads featuring the Flitecontrol wad. The 20-gauge selection includes 3-inch, 1-ounce loads of 2s and 4s (1,350 fps). The 10-gauge shotshells come in 3 1/2-inch, 1 5/8-ounce loads of 2s and BBs (1,375 fps). Federal also makes Premium Ultra-Shok Steel and Ultra-Shok High Density nontoxic waterfowl loads, and sale of these products helps support Ducks Unlimited’s Grasslands for Tomorrow Initiative. federalpremium.com


Gamebore Silver Steel Features Bio-Wad Components Kent-Gamebore has introduced the first environmentally friendly shot wad—the degradable Bio-Wad, which begins to break down shortly after firing. Silver Steel shotshells featuring the new Bio-Wad are available in 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch, 1-ounce loads of 5s, 6s, and 7s, as well as 3-inch, 1 1/8-ounce loads of 4s, 5s, or 6s. kentgamebore.com


Environ-Metal Goes Hevi-Metal This Year Environ-Metal, which first brought waterfowlers Hevi-Shot, has added a new line of waterfowl loads called Hevi-Metal. Featuring the company’s new pattern density technology, these shotshells contain a weight-balanced mixture of both steel and Hevi-Shot pellets. Hevi-Metal ammunition will be available in 25-count boxes in 12-gauge, 3-inch, 1 1/4-ounce loads of 2s, 3s, BBs, and BBBs (1,450 fps) and 3 1/2-inch, 1 1/2-ounce loads of 2s, 3s, BBs, and BBBs (1,400 fps). hevishot.com


Pinnacle Adds AeroSteel Waterfowl Loads Pinnacle Ammunition Company, which helped bring Bismuth shotshells back to market in recent years, now also produces steel shot loads in its AeroSteel lineup. These waterproof nontoxic shotshells are available in 12-gauge, 3-inch, 1 1/4-ounce loads of 4s, 2s, and BBs (1,400 fps). pinnacleammo.com

Waterfowl Gear

Duck Calls

1. Haydel’s Introduces New-Look Canada Goose Call

Haydel’s calls the newest entry in its extensive game call line the Carbon Honker. This short-reed Canada goose call has a blue custom fiber finish that makes it stand out from the crowd. haydels.com

2. Echo Single-Reed Gets It Done

Echo’s Prime Meat single-reed duck call is built for the field. This call produces volume but also performs well at the low end. Defending two-time World Live Duck Calling Champion Kent Cullum, who has 52 contest titles to his credit, uses this call in the woods. echocalls.com

3. Cutt Down Whistle Provides Versatility

Waterfowlers looking for a do-it-all whistle may want to check out the DUo Whistle from Cutt Down Game Calls. This whistle can be used to imitate pintails, wigeon, teal, wood ducks, and mallard drakes. Upland gunners can use the DUo while hunting quail. DUo features a tuning hole and is available in rosewood and a unique buffalo horn design. cuttdowncalls.com


1. Greenhead Gear Releases New Pro-Grade Styles

The wow factor does not begin and end with the number of new decoys Greenhead Gear is introducing this year. But at 32 and counting, the Pro-Grade flock continues to grow. Thank world champion carvers Dick Rhode and Rick Johannsen for the prototypes. Each species features several unique body styles and head positions. The Pro-Grade mallards, for example, have 12 different attitudes, from rester to surface skimmer. All feature non-detachable Dura-Keels. Pro-Grade Canada goose shells also include three body styles and head positions. Greenhead Gear decoys are official licensed products of Ducks Unlimited, and sale of these decoys helps support DU’s conservation efforts. greenheadgear.com

2. Rig’em Right Decoy Bag Features Fresh Look

Hunters looking for versatility in a decoy bag may want to check out Rig’em Right’s new DP3 model. This bag holds 36 standard decoys in the open position, which is handy for use in a trailer or boat, and 18 decoys when closed, for walk-in hunts. The DP3 features a floating bottom and semi-rigid frame. rigemright.com

3. Final Approach Adds Pintail, Wood Duck Decoys

Renowned contemporary carver Marty Hanson created the prototypes for Final Approach’s new pintail and wood duck decoys. These durable decoys feature custom paint schemes and heavy-duty bodies. The company has also introduced a new hand warmer available in Advantage Max-4 and Mossy Oak Duck Blind camouflage patterns. The hand warmer lining is made of Berber fleece. fabrand.com

4. U-Vision Flambeau Decoy Flock Growing

Flambeau, which put a new spin on decoy paint schemes a couple of years ago, continues to expand its   U-Vision line. A wide variety of species is now available featuring paint that coincides with the vision spectrum of waterfowl. The Flambeau Masters Series decoys were designed by master carver Roger Desjardins. Brand new in this series are snow and white-fronted goose floaters. flambeau.com


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