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Banding Together for Waterfowl

May 2010 Waterfowl Gear Guide


Can it be too early to start pulling together next season's decoy spreads? Absolutely not. The May gear guide features new decoys, knives and a few extras you will be able to see and touch at the DU Sporting Expo, May 28-30 in Grapevine, Texas. Get your tickets to the Expo and see these great products in action!

GHG Early-Season PacksGreenhead Gear decoys

GHG® Pro-Grade™ Early Season Packs – Greenhead Gear decided to try to match the plumage of early-season birds (barely colored) and create all-hen decoy packs for the most sought-after early-season species. Below is a list of the new early-season packs from GHG:

  • GHG® Pro-Grade™ Early Season Mallard Pack: 2 Rester Hens, 2 Surface Feeder Hens and 2 Active Hens
  • GHG® Pro-Grade™ Early Season Blue-Winged Teal Pack: 3 Surface Feeder Hens and 3 Rester Hens
  • GHG® Pro-Grade™ Early Season Green-Winged Teal Pack: 3 Surface Feeder Hens and 3 Rester HensGHG Over-Size Diver Pack

GHG® Over-Size Diver Pack – This pack includes three of our most popular diver duck decoys and is a great way to add some of the most common divers to a rig. Each box features the following Over-Size divers: 2 Canvasback drakes, 2 Goldeneye drakes and 2 Bufflehead drakes. The decoys feature a 60/40 DURA-KEEL™ that gives the most lifelike ride in all water conditions.

Case announces new Ducks Unlimited lineup for 2010

W.R. Case and Sons is pleased to announce its newest Ducks Unlimited® licensed knife offerings for 2010, featuring 10 different folding pocketknife patterns. Case has paired one of these new knives, the Humpback Stockman (63046 SS), with a special-edition duck call that's packaged in a decorative tin to create a unique gift set for spring.

The Humpback's vintage style hearkens back to some of the earliest days in American knife making. Cut swedged Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blades, nickel silver bolsters, a unique 'swell bottom' shape and convenient nail cut-outs are among the Humpback pattern's standard features. The knife measures 3 5/8" when closed and weighs 2.6 oz.

Crosman .25 Marauder

Following up on the popular Benjamin® Discovery PCP air rifle, comes the revolutionary Benjaming® Marauder! This powerful new PCP air rifle offers all the features needed for field target shooting and small game hunting.

The Marauder features a Crosman Custom choked barrel and internal shroud for unsurpassed accuracy and ultra-quiet operation. The new two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger pack with a metal trigger makes every shot smooth and steady. The Marauder also has a raised aluminum breech with a heavy-duty pull bolt, making loading the gun and mounting a scope a snap. The Marauder is also a Multi-Shot rifle with a new 8-shot auto-indexing clip. This gun operates at fill pressures between 2,000 and 3,000 psi. It can be filled with the Benjamin® hand pump or a high-pressure tank.

Crosman .25 Marauder

This powerful and exciting air rifle will once again set Benjamin® as the value-to-performance leader in the PCP category.

Storm Front™ Decoys by Flambeau

Flambeau introduces Storm Front™ Decoys as its newest line of waterfowl decoys. Every ounce of Flambeau knowledge and experience was put to the test in pioneering these extraordinary creatures.

Flambeau is proud to introduce the 8030SDU Classic Mallard to its Storm Front™ Decoys line! Every box of Classic Mallards decoys ships with 3 Active Drakes, 3 Semi-Resting Drakes and 6 Semi-Resting Hens.

Flambeau Storm Front Decoys


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