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A look back at some of the modern classics selected as DU Guns of the Year
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1983–1984 Browning B-80
A product of collaboration between Browning and Beretta, the B-80 is a gas-operated autoloader manufactured from 1981 to 1988. A well-made and popular gun very similar to the Beretta A303, the B-80 was discontinued only because the Browning-Beretta partnership ended. This dinner gun has a 2 3/4-inch chamber, a 30-inch full-choke barrel, high-grade walnut, and a DU grip cap. The receiver is decorated by famous Browning engraver Jose Baerten and features a bronze medallion with a white-fronted goose by David Maass. "The Plains" designation marks this gun as the third of four in DU's "Flyway" series. 

1984–1985 Browning BPS
The BPS has been a waterfowler's standby since its introduction in 1977. The combination of a top safety and bottom ejection make it unique among pumps, and it has proven to be a reliable choice in the blind. This DU version of the BPS has a 2 3/4-inch chamber and a 30-inch full-choke barrel. Like the B-80 of the previous year, this gun features engraving by Jose Baerten and high-grade walnut with a DU grip cap. Called "The Coastal" and decorated with a bronze medallion with a pintail by David Maass, it's the last of DU's "Flyway" guns. 

1986–1987 Beretta A303
Beretta semiautos set the standard in gas-system reliability, making them a favorite of sporting clays shooters and high-volume dove hunters. That same reliability makes the A303 a great waterfowl gun. This autoloader was the first DU dinner gun to incorporate a 3-inch chamber, 28-inch barrel, and interchangeable chokes, which would come standard on many subsequent duck guns. It features a richly textured stock with a DU grip cap and an anodized black receiver with a gold inlaid "Ducks Unlimited" and mallard.

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