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Gear Guide: 2014 Duck Calls

Looking for a new duck call? We've got you covered!


Northern Flight SLD-2 (Second Language: Duck) Double-Reed Duck Call

Cabela's Northern Flight SLD-2 is a CNC-machined acrylic call with varying tones and adaptable volume control. This call was designed to provide callers a versatile double-reed mallard call, without sacrificing range and clarity.

Northern Flight SLD-1 (Second Language: Duck) Single-Reed Duck Call

The SLD-1 is Cabela's newest single-reed mallard call. Offered in white-pearl acrylic, this single reed call contains a high-volume system that can step down for soft, raspy greeting calls. These calls are tested and tuned for the utmost realism.

For more information, visit www.cabelas.com.

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