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February 2014 Gear Guide: Light Goose Hunting Equipment

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Since the Light Goose Conservation Order began in 1999, the end of duck season has been highlighted by the beginning of spring snow goose hunting. Chasing these birds isn't an easy task, and much like late-season waterfowling, spring goose hunting is gear intensive and tough on equipment. The DU Newsletter Editorial Team has sourced a handful of new and old products that add to the spring waterfowling experience.

FoxPro – Super Snow Crow Pro

The electronic caller adds a new dimension to light goose hunting. Otherwise decoy-shy birds become fixated on the sounds of a feeding flock and work aggressively to join birds on the ground. The FoxPro Super Snow Crow Pro is a top-of-the-line light goose caller that includes a number of features FoxPro has developed based upon extensive testing. The caller come standard with 100 FoxPro sounds and can store nearly 1,000 total sounds.

  • Powered by two 12-volt gel cell batteries.
  • Comes with two 30-watt external speakers and allows you to connect up to four external speakers.
  • Comes standard with the TX-1000 remote control; features a full-color graphic LCD screen that displays your sound list or sound categories, has a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature indicator, battery level indicator, timer or time clock.

The Super Snow Crow Pro is backed by a five-year limited warranty and FoxPro's unmatched customer support, and is proudly made in the USA.

Exclusive FoxPro Features:

  • FOXBANG™ automatically switches to your #1 preset after discharging your firearm.
  • FOXMOTION™ mimics moving prey by fading sound from the left speaker to the right.
  • FOXFUSION™ mixes and matches any two sounds of your choice.
  • FOXPITCH™ lets you manipulate the "pitch" of any sound to trigger a response.
  • FOXDATA™ records real-time information (temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, stand duration, and shot time) from each stand. Over time you will be able to predict animal activity and hunting success based on hard data.
  • FOXCAST™ sequence files allow for virtually hands-free calling.
  • AUTO VOLUME™ automatically ramps up and modulates your volume.

For more information, visit www.gofoxpro.com.

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