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Banding Together for Waterfowl

2010 Holiday Gear Guide

Gift ideas for the waterfowl hunter on your list

Do you have waterfowl hunters on your shopping list this holiday season? The DU
E-newsletter editorial team has pieced together a holiday wish list of gift ideas that will bring joy to waterfowlers young and old. If you see something you like, drop a subtle hint by forwarding the DU E-newsletter Holiday Gear Guide to your loved ones.

Greenhead Gear® Over-Size™ Full-Body Mallard

Greenhead Gear Over-Size Full-Body MallardNothing says "I love you" like Greenhead Gear® Over-Size™ Full-Body Mallard decoys under the Christmas tree. But remember where you place these decoys or you might mistake them for the real thing. These full-body mallards have been crafted with amazing attention to detail, and their durable, lifelike paint schemes and construction make them a great gift. RealMotion™ bases in the Active and Feeder styles bring them to life in the slightest breeze.

With the Mallard Harvester™ Pack you get the ultimate full-body mallard spread plus an Avery 12-slot full-body duck decoy bag, all in one convenient package. This pack includes all the realistic decoy poses: four Actives (two drakes, two hens), four Feeders (two drakes, two hens), two Resters (one drake, one hen) and two Sleepers (one drake, one hen). This combination gives you the versatility needed to succeed on any mallard hunt.

More info: www.averyoutdoors.com

Greenhead Gear Mallard Harvester Pack

DU Northwinds® Jacket from Whitewater

Keep warm and dry even in the worst conditions with the DU Northwinds® Jacket from Whitewater Outdoors.

  • Constructed of durable-yet-soft double-weave fabric and accented with Rhino Tough™ fabric
  • 100% waterproof, breathable RainBlocker® protection
  • Left pocket includes removable Bill Collector™ bird lanyard
  • Removable liner jacket constructed of Whitewater's remarkable three-layer fleece with WindBlocker®
  • DU Northwinds JacketBuilt-in game pouch
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Chest pocket for gear with three attached call lanyards
  • Neoprene wrist cuffs
  • Adjustable draw-cord waist
  • Grommeted real license loop
  • Colors: Realtree® MAX-4
  • Sizes: M-2XL

More info: www.whitewateroutdoors.com

MST Waterfowl Fleece-Lined Pullover

Drake Waterfowl MST Waterfowl Fleece-Lined PulloverA trim, comfortable alternative to a parka liner when the weather turns cool, this first-ever "anorak"-style pullover is made from 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable micro-fleece and is lined with a warm layer of fleece. This beauty is packed with advanced features, such as "Deep Water" handwarmer pockets, a vertical breast pocket, call pouch, call separator and tailoring features for maximum comfort. Ideal for jump shooting, sneak boat hunting or spending the morning in a chilly blind.

More info: www.drakewaterfowl.com

RNT MacrohenRNT Macrohen

Is that a raspy hen mallard, or did someone get an RNT Macrohen for Christmas?

RNT used the popular Microhen design to develop this call. The Macrohen produces a raspier sound than the Microhen, but keeps the higher-pitched tone and squeaky cajun squeal, while adding all the forgiveness of a double reed.

More info: www.rntcalls.com


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