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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Call like a Champion
Secrets of an unforgettable Arkansas waterfowl hunt

Tuning a Duck Call
Small adjustments can make a big difference in a call's pitch and volume

30 Helpful Hints for Waterfowlers
Improve your waterfowling success and make each trip more enjoyable.

20 Tips For Better Waterfowling
These helpful hints from some of today's most innovative duck and goose hunters might pay off big this season

Talking Goose Talk
Learn the basic calls before trying to master the entire language

Back to the Basics for Geese
In this era of decoy trailers and competition calling, some goose hunters have returned to a back-to-basics approach

Reading Ducks
Consider duck body language when calling

Old-Time Ways Mouth-Calling Ducks
Mouth calling is a lost art, but a few hunters still practice it

Ultimate Duck Calling Challenge
Is a caller's true test on the stage or in the blind? Both, claim many of today's champions, who say that competing in contests makes them better hunters.

Legends of the Call
They were developers, innovators, experimenters and, above all, waterfowl hunters seeking to create the most efficient tools possible.

7 Deadly Duck Calling Mistakes
Avoid costly errors and improve your calling this duck season

Calling All Ducks
Imitating whistles, peeps, chirps, and various other duck sounds can diversify your calling and your game bag

Duck Calling Video: The Feeding Chuckle
Trying different approaches can be the key to using this finishing call successfully

14 Snow Goose Hunting Tips
Follow these quick tips to improve your odds on your next trip

10 Tips from Top Callers
Experts share secrets for calling late-season ducks

The Single-Quack Series
The finishing call works like a homing beacon for ducks

3 Quick Duck Calling Tips
Duck calling experts share shorthand secrets to a good calling technique

Secrets of the Call Makers
Sage advice from four of the nation's most respected call makers

Words of Wisdom from DU Members
Classic waterfowling tips submitted by our members

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