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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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Get Ready for Duck Hunting Season
Check out this collection of articles to help you prepare for opening day

Duck Calling Video: Change the Speed
Change speeds within your quacks

Duck Calling Video: Listen to the Caller
Instead of looking for the ducks, listen to the caller

Duck Calling Video: Purchasing a Duck Call
Choose the right call for your calling style

Duck Calling Video: Add a Quack into a Feed Call
Mimic the sounds of several ducks on the water

Duck Calling Video: Call to a Duck's Reaction
Vary your calling based on the ducks' body language

Duck Calling Video: Learn Slow
Step-by-step tips on learning to call ducks

Duck Calling Video: Calling with Rhythm
Pull your various calls into a rhythm to improve success

Duck Calling Video: Calling at Ducks
Calling at ducks, rather than to ducks

Close-Range Canadas
Four experts share their secrets on how to decoy wary late-season geese

The Highball Duck Call
This classic long-range call is just as effective today as it was 50 years ago

Duck Calling Video: Learn Locations
Understanding calling basics will improve your hunting success

Finishing Ducks with Single Quack Calls
Pull the ducks into shooting range

Duck Calling Video: Learn Single Quacks
Start with duck calling basics before moving to more advanced calls

Duck Calling Video: Let off the call
Sometimes it's best to back off on calling as ducks approach

Mastering the Comeback Duck Call
This often-neglected call can make all the difference

Duck Calling Video: Learn the feed call
Fundemental steps to master the feed call

RNT Tips: Stop Calling
When calling ducks into range, it's important to know when to back off

Duck Calling Video: Use Back Pressure
Create different sounds in different hunting situations

Antonio Jones Wins Cabela’s Duck Calling Contest
Arkansan claims $10,000 prize in unsanctioned competition

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