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Banding Together for Waterfowl

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New Duck Calls for 2012
It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck call

Short-reed Calling Tips
Three simple ways to master these challenging, yet effective calls

Get Ready for Duck Hunting Season
Check out this collection of articles to help you prepare for opening day

Duck Calling Video: Change the Speed
Change speeds within your quacks

Duck Calling Video: Listen to the Caller
Instead of looking for the ducks, listen to the caller

Duck Calling Video: Purchasing a Duck Call
Choose the right call for your calling style

Duck Calling Video: Add a Quack into a Feed Call
Mimic the sounds of several ducks on the water

Duck Calling Video: Call to a Duck's Reaction
Vary your calling based on the ducks' body language

Duck Calling Video: Learn Slow
Step-by-step tips on learning to call ducks

Duck Calling Video: Calling with Rhythm
Pull your various calls into a rhythm to improve success

Duck Calling Video: Calling at Ducks
Calling at ducks, rather than to ducks

Close-Range Canadas
Four experts share their secrets on how to decoy wary late-season geese

The Highball Duck Call
This classic long-range call is just as effective today as it was 50 years ago

Duck Calling Video: Learn Locations
Understanding calling basics will improve your hunting success

Finishing Ducks with Single Quack Calls
Pull the ducks into shooting range

Duck Calling Video: Learn Single Quacks
Start with duck calling basics before moving to more advanced calls

Duck Calling: Let off the call
Sometimes it's best to back off on calling as ducks approach

Mastering the Comeback Duck Call
This often-neglected call can make all the difference

Duck Calling Video: Learn the feed call
Fundemental steps to master the feed call

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