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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Hunting Destinations

While good waterfowl hunting can be found across this continent from the Arctic to the Everglades, there are certain locations that regularly attract extraordinary numbers of birds. These are the places that waterfowl hunters dream about during the off-season and where many of us hope to hunt at least once in our lives. Over the years, Ducks Unlimited has sent correspondents to many of the hottest waterfowl hunting areas in the United States and Canada. The following reviews of great waterfowl hunting destinations (in no particular order) are based on their reports.
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15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl
When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything

High Desert Waterfowling
A Nevada duck and goose hunt

Catahoula Canvasbacks
This vast Louisiana lake has long been a haven for these prized diving ducks

Chesapeake Geese
Classic Canada goose hunting in the cradle of American waterfowling

The Duck Hunter's List
10 things all waterfowlers should do in their lifetime

Top Duck Destinations
Where America's most popular species congregate

Goose Towns
These venues have become a part of America's waterfowling heritage

The Sooner the Better
When the weather turns cold, thousands of waterfowl pour into Oklahoma’s northern tier.

Prairie Sampler
A week of mixed-bag wingshooting in Saskatchewan reunites old friends and begins a new tradition

Diver Quest
A layout-gunning adventure for diving ducks in southern Ontario

Gunning the Great Basin
A duck hunting expedition through southern Oregon’s closed-basin lakes

On Top of the World
Wilderness waterfowling in Alaska’s rugged interior

Atlantic Odyssey
A waterfowling adventure down America’s most historic flyway

Hunting Across Canada: Peace River Mixed Bag
The vastness of northern Alberta is home to a variety of up-close waterfowling

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