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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Combo Hunts

Combining waterfowling with other types of hunting or fishing can make for a great day outdoors
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By Will Brantley

One morning in late September, my high school buddy and I found ourselves standing thigh-deep in a beaver pond. We'd been scouting wood ducks at the pond for a week, and that morning we finally got to trade our binoculars for shotguns. We each knocked down our two-bird limit shortly after daylight and were back at the house before my folks even woke up. 

Since the morning was still young, we swapped our shotguns for .22 rifles and headed for the hardwoods. Squirrels were busy gathering nuts in the hickory and beech trees, and after a couple of hours we had a mess of bushytails to complement our ducks.
But my hunting day wasn't over. After taking a short nap, I climbed into my tree stand with bow in hand. Just before dark, a doe walked under my stand and gave me an easy shot. After cleaning the deer, my long, eventful, exhilarating day finally came to an end. 

Combining three hunts into a single day is a rare treat, even for diehard hunters. Much more common are two-hunt combos. Add fishing to your hunting day and you have the proverbial "cast and blast." 

All of these combos can start with waterfowling, which often begins earlier in the morning than other pursuits—and can end early too, if you're lucky. 

Choosing which combinations to try depends a lot on the hunting and fishing opportunities that exist in your area. Starting close to home will not only save you time and money, but will also give you a chance to learn more about the diversity of species in your neck of the woods.

But taking a road trip will give you a chance to explore a variety of hunting and fishing opportunities available in other parts of the country. Here are just a few destination combo hunts where you can double both your pleasure and your fun.

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