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Banding Together for Waterfowl

15 Great Places to Hunt Waterfowl

When it comes to planning a waterfowl hunting trip, location is everything
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4. South Louisiana

Any survey of North America’s top waterfowl hunting areas would have to include Louisiana. America’s Wetland—as south Louisiana’s coastal marshes are collectively known—supports upwards of 9 million migrating and wintering ducks on average. Some of the state’s best duck hunting can be found on the Chenier Plain in southwest Louisiana. Freelancers equipped with shallow-running duck boats will find plenty of public hunting opportunities on the massive Sabine and Lacassine national wildlife refuges in Cameron Parish.

When it’s hot: late November-January

Abundant species: gadwalls, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, pintails, mottled ducks, white-fronted geese, lesser snow geese

Contact: Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries wlf.louisiana.gov, Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex fws.gov/swlarefugecomplex

5. Peace River Country, Alberta

As the northernmost major grain-producing region in North America, the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta is a magnet for migrating waterfowl raised across the boreal forest and Arctic. In September, waves of Canada geese, white-fronted geese, lesser snows, Ross’s geese, mallards, pintails, and other dabbling ducks descend on the region to gorge themselves on wheat, barley, lentils, and peas. As in other parts of Prairie Canada, visiting hunters can freelance by scouting the fields and asking permission from local landowners.

When it’s hot: September-early October

Abundant species: mallards, pintails, wigeon, green-winged teal, Canada geese, white-fronted geese, light geese

Contact: Travel Alberta mywildalberta.com

6. Texas Panhandle

The Texas Panhandle lies in the heart of what is known as the playa lakes region, also encompassing parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Much like the prairie potholes of the northern Great Plains, playas are dependent on seasonal precipitation, and in those special years when timely rainfall replenishes these unique wetlands, the Panhandle fills up with incredible numbers of waterfowl. Hunting pressure is light across much of this sparsely populated region. Freelance waterfowlers can often receive permission from landowners to hunt waterfowl on playas and private agricultural land.

When it’s hot: late November-December

Abundant species: mallards, pintails, wigeon, green-winged teal, Canada geese

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department tpwd.state.tx.us
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