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The Bigger Bang Theory

Why DU memberships are the best value in conservation
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For waterfowlers and the conservation-minded there is no bigger bang for the buck than a DU membership. Where else can you consistently expect to get 400% more of something than what you paid for?  (Hint: the key word is: "consistently.")

You're thinking, "I can't think of anything." And now you're asking, "How do you do it?" or maybe, "How does DU do it?" 

We do it by consistently utilizing at least $.80 of every dollar for waterfowl conservation ($.81 in 2011). But really, that's less than half the story. In fact, it's more like 25% of the story…let's take a look at the math. 

Often, DU membership dollars can be leveraged up to four times in matching public and private funds. The key word here is "often." Our ability to leverage membership dollars varies with the availability and level of matching funds. Fortunately, DU is very good at locating and securing matching funds – and very good at multiplication: 

$.80 x 4 = $3.20. So, every dollar in membership fees has more than $3.00 worth of conservation potential -- a bigger bang for your buck and a bigger bang for the ducks than can be found anywhere else.

That means more marshes for waterfowl visiting our coasts, more potholes for breeding ducks on the prairies, and more wetlands to sustain migrating waterfowl in every flyway. Last year alone, DU permanently protected more than 50,000 acres with conservation easements and restored or enhanced nearly 215,000 acres for waterfowl and other wildlife. That brings DU's tally to more than 12.6 million acres conserved since 1937. All thanks to the combined efforts of our members, volunteers and supporters. There is true strength in numbers.

Inspired yet? Click here to get a membership, upgrade your current membership or gift a membership. 

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