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Below are videos, photos and stories about Ducks Unlimited's Major Sponsors from across the country. If you would like a story or multimedia presentation displayed on this page, please contact Kathy McCollum at kmccollum@ducks.org or 901.758.3710 or toll-free at 1.800.856.6014.

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Dr. Brian Priddle

Hometown Somerset, KY
Dr. Brian Priddle
Sponsor Level Diamond Heritage
Duration of DU Membership 30 years
Project Kentucky River Care
Motivation to Support DU Growing up in western Kentucky near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, I was introduced to Ducks Unlimited at an early age. I learned to appreciate the natural beauty of the area and the importance of its preservation. After completing medical school and a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, my passions for waterfowl hunting and conservation brought me back to DU.
How are you involved with DU? I joined a local committee so I could "make a difference." I wanted to help DU preserve our natural resources through my fundraising efforts. As my DU work progressed, I had an opportunity to meet many people in the organization. My appreciation grew and grew—not just for DU's conservation mission, but also for my relationships with the people who share my vision. I came for the resource, but I stay for the people of Ducks Unlimited.
Anything else you would like to share? I have had many opportunities to see the work of DU on the ground and am proud to say that we ARE making a difference. I am a part of this achievement and strive to continue the work of DU.

Tom Enos

Hometown Littleton, CO
Tom Enos
Sponsor Level Legacy Sponsor
Duration of DU Membership Joined as a young boy, attending banquets with Dad in Nevada.
Project Colorado and the prairie grasslands
Motivation to Support DU DU typically leverages private gifts with public funding sources, raising five to seven times the original gift. This leveraging ability and DU's ability to raise revenue creatively are two of the main reasons I give to DU.
How are you involved with DU? I have served as a volunteer in Colorado and now on the board of directors.
Anything else you would like to share? Ducks Unlimited is not only about having more ducks to see and hunt. DU is about conserving habitat that benefits all wildlife. DU is doing this by using the best available science to guide their mission.

Stephen W. and Lucy Whatley

Stephen W. Whatley
Hometown Anniston, AL
Sponsor Level Benefactor
Duration of DU Membership More than 30 years
Project Grasslands for Tomorrow
Motivation to Support DU I first learned about Ducks Unlimited while flying when I found a DU Magazine. From there I couldn't help but become involved in this noble mission. I felt it was simply good sense to help protect what is left, and to put my own needs aside so that the richness of waterfowl, which my father taught me, will be a legacy for future generations to enjoy. Now my wife Lucy and I are doing our part to help protect or nation's natural places.
How are you involved with DU? In my 30 years of serving DU, I have been involved on all levels - from serving on a committee to my current role as regional vice president and member of the board of directors. Actually, I still chair an event in my area annually!
Anything else you would like to share? Last summer I visited the prairies and saw firsthand how vulnerable our remaining grasslands are to being lost forever. It became clear that in order to stop continual habitat loss, we must act now. Knowing it's possible to restore some aspects of the prairie grasslands and protect existing wetlands is what drives my commitment to conservation.

W.L. "Bucky" and Amy Bryant

Hometown Lexington, VA
The Bryants
Sponsor Level Life Sponsors
Duration of DU Membership We went to our first DU dinner in 1995, became sponsors and have been involved for more than 13 years.
Project Rockbridge doesn't have lakes and ponds, so few ducks can be seen in our community. This fact doesn't damper our enthusiasm for the DU mission though. We enjoy teaching others about the importance of clean water for all communities, be it ducks or people, and how conservation makes this possible.
Motivation to Support DU Clean water has always been important to Amy and me. The world couldn't survive without it. Ducks Unlimited has a mission that is solid in its approach and backed by undeniable science.
How are you involved with DU? We live in the sparsely populated (only 24,000) county of Rockbridge, Va., so soliciting support can be a challenge, but Rockbridge has many great small businesses and businesspeople who have made significant donations; many are even longtime sponsors. My wife Amy is the area chairman for the Rockbridge Chapter. She joined as committee member in 1996, became chapter chairman in 2005 and was part of the Virginia state council in 2008.


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