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A Salute to DU Supporters through the Decades 

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The 1970s

Jason Moore of Johnstown, Ohio

Life Sponsor Jason Moore didn't discover the joys of duck hunting until after he graduated from college. It all started when a good friend introduced him to DU by asking him to serve on a dinner committee in Dublin, Ohio. Jason was hooked right away—on waterfowling and on volunteering for the ducks. He says DU's mission keeps him motivated, but it's the people who keep him coming back.

"DU's most valuable asset is its people," Jason says. "You are not going to find better people, whether you're talking about my fellow Licking County committee members or my peers on the state council—all the way up to DU's senior leadership. These folks are passionate about the mission and driven by the responsibility to pass on a stronger heritage to the next generation of duck hunters."

Jason has had several roles in DU, serving as a committee member, treasurer, and chairman, as well as Ohio's major donor chairman. "Each one of these volunteer positions has provided me with opportunities to build friendships that will last my lifetime," he says. "I've also had a lot of fun along the way."
Being a parent has only strengthened his commitment to waterfowl and wetlands. "I grew up in a hunting family, and our father introduced my brother and me to the outdoors," Jason says. "Today I have two sons, ages nine and seven. Over the past decade, I began to realize that I needed to evolve from a user of our outdoor resources to a steward of our outdoor resources if I want to give my sons the same opportunities I've had. It's all about giving something back for what I've received, and leaving our wetlands better off in the process."

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