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St. Croix (Stillwater, MN) Chapter


With such a dedicated and well organized group as the Stillwater Chapter it's no coincidence that they are named the spotlight chapter this month. Originally formed in 1976 with eight members, the Stillwater Chapter, now 25 members strong, thrives on their experience, teamwork and their ability to raise money for the ducks.

Throughout the years their motto has remained simple, "Hosting a great event is too much work to not make as much money as possible."

Likewise, they take tremendous pride in having grown their net/net dollars every year for the last 19 years and even more pride in being in the President's Top 100 Club since its inception.

"Experience has been the key to our success," says Co-chairman Jeff Schuette. "A few of us have been on the committee for at least 10 years and three or four have been there more than 25 years."

"It is an amazing undertaking to set the goal of being a Top 100 committee and doing all the things necessary to actually accomplish that goal. To have successfully achieved it every year since the committee was formed is a testament to the desire, dedication, leadership and extremely hard work on the part of each and every member of the Stillwater team," says Karl Moore, regional director. "Nevertheless, a key component to their longevity and success is that they are more than just a DU committee. They are indeed friends and engage in social activities together on a regular basis."

St. Croix (Stillwater, MN) Chapter

Kneeling L to R: Co-Chairman Jeff Schuette and Bob Hinz along with Hank Leucken
Middle L to R: Gary Schuette, Ron Dallmann, Matt Schuette, Ron Malmgren, Steve Schaffer, Mike Dvorak, Dan Fabian, Curt Oseby, Julie Leucken and Deb Manley
Back L to R: Susan Roetman, Trevor Kisch, Kevin Biehn, Steve Broome, Brian Foley, Eric Halverson and Josh Lockner
Not pictured: Todd Erickson, Ryan Halverson, Dave Kisch, Chris Lehman, Troy Weiss and Craig Kogler


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