What is Feather Society

The Feather Society is DU's recognition program designed to distinguish those members and supporters who have included Ducks Unlimited in their estate plans.

Studies have shown that donors are often more generous with non-cash gifts than other gift vehicles because of the added tax benefits. You should also know that gift planning is not just for the 'older' crowd.

Fifteen percent of all deferred gifts DU receives are made by people age 45 or younger 43 percent of bequests and 35 percent of remainder trusts are created by people who are age 55 or younger.

One of the most useful tools for charitable and estate planning is the use of bequests made in ones Will or Trust. But it is a sad statistic that more than 70 percent of all Americans die without having a will in place. Once we die, neither we nor our family has control of our assets: the courts take over. It makes no difference if you have supported DU for 5, 10, 20 or 30 years, the only way to give to DU after death is to make provisions in your will or trust. DU has created a Guide to Wills and Trusts that we will provide you free of charge to assist you with your planning.

You can either contact DU National Director Gift Planning Jon Rich by e-mail at jrich@ducks.org or call him at his office at 901.758.3763 to request a copy of the Guide to Wills and Trusts. Learn more about Feather Society here.