IRA Rollover Opportunities

The Charitable IRA Rollover Gift

Rarely do we get the opportunity to share information about a "good" tax law. Today is one of those instances. Extensions in the federal tax law now make it possible for you to make a gift to Ducks Unlimited directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plan without incurring tax penalties for those donors age 70 ½ and above. The Charitable IRA Rollover Gift is a tax-smart gift idea. The Rollover Gift provides a creative and tax-savvy way to accomplish your financial goals and enhance the quality of your life while also making a conservation gift to Ducks Unlimited.

Highlights of the Charitable IRA Gift Rollover:

  • You may designate DU as the recipient of your minimum distribution amount or more up to $100,000 through 2013.
  • Your spouse or other qualifying individual may also designate DU to receive up to $100,000 before the end of 2013.
  • Under the extension of the current tax law, this opportunity will expire on December 31, 2013. Distributions from your IRA will not count in your current income, thereby giving you the advantages of a 100% charitable contribution without itemizing your deductions. Your gifts will provide Ducks Unlimited with critical assets to meet today's conservation goals.

Should you or your advisors have any questions or wish to take advantage of this beneficial opportunity, please contact Jon Rich at (901)758-3763 or Byron Liles at (901)758-3876. Act quickly, this opportunity expires December 31, 2013!

** Please consult your legal/tax advisors regarding this opportunity and your eligibility.

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Transfer Instructions for an IRA Charitable Rollover (pdf)