DU Varsity All-Stars

Varsity All-Star chapters

Beginning in 2014, the National Youth & Education Committee for Ducks Unlimited created and implemented the DU Varsity All-Stars program; a competition that features the top 10 high school chapters from across the country based on dollars raised throughout the year. 
In 2017, the baseline to qualify for the Varsity All-Stars program was just over $13,000 dollars. Collectively, the top 10 Varsity chapters raised over $339,000 dollars in 2017 for DU's conservation mission. Qualifying chapters within the program receive a banner to be proudly displayed at their school, while the winning chapter also receives a Varsity All-Stars trophy.  

"The DU Varsity All-Stars program helps to create competition and competition helps drive success. It is exciting to see students having fun and learning about wetland conservation," said Mark Horobetz, Manager of Ducks Unlimited's Youth & Education Program. "I am very proud of the efforts from our top 10 chapters, and for all the chapters within the DU Varsity program."

The 2017 Varsity All-Stars qualifying chapters are:

  1. Memphis University School, TN
  2. Greenville and Christ Church High School, SC
  3. The Collegiate School, VA
  4. Christian Brothers High School, TN
  5. 5280 DU Youth Team, CO
  6. St Christopher High School, VA
  7. Broughton High School, NC
  8. Kilgore High School, TX
  9. Prairie View High School, KS
  10. Buckshot Varsity, TX


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