Legacy Greenwings

The greatest gifts that Ducks Unlimited supporters can leave for the next generation are healthy waterfowl populations and a conservation legacy. Join us in our mission to create wetlands sufficient to fill the skies today, tomorrow and forever by enrolling Legacy Greenwing today.

With a one-time contribution of $200 or more, you can become either a Junior Legacy Greenwing (age 11 and younger) or a Senior Legacy Greenwing (ages 12-17) of Ducks Unlimited.

Click here to become a Legacy Greenwing or call 1.800.45.DUCKS. A DU membership services representative will be happy to assist you.

Legacy GreenwingsLegacy Greenwing Benefits

A Legacy Greenwing membership is $200 (birth to 17 years). Recipients are eligible for:

  • A DU membership card
  • A Legacy Greenwing lapel pin
  • Greenwing decals (age 11 and younger) or two unique DU decals (one duck head and one DU shield; age 12-17)
  • View the Puddler online magazine at www.ducks.org in the members-only section and receive six issues of Ducks Unlimited magazine with a special Greenwing section in each issue
  • Upon turning 18, you will be considered an adult member and will continue to receive the DU Magazine until age 21