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Puddler, Greenwings, and Children’s Programs FAQs


What is the DU Greenwing program?

Answer: DU believes that it is important for today's children to understand the value of wetlands and the many species of wildlife that depend upon them. For this reason, in 1973 DU started the DU youth program. It is called Greenwings after the Green-winged teal, the smallest of our waterfowl. The Greenwing program is for members 17 years old and younger. Today's youth will be tomorrow's leaders. Through education, we hope to make tomorrows leaders advocates for wetland conservation.

How can my child receive Puddler (online magazine)?

Answer: Puddler is an online magazine published four times a year and made available to Greenwing members 12 years or younger online. A Greenwing membership is $15 annually. Senior Greenwing members, ages 12 through 17, receive the regular Ducks Unlimited Magazine.

Log in and view Puddler here.

How can children submit content to Puddler (online magazine)?

Answer: Greenwing members can send material to: Puddler Magazine, One Waterfowl Way, Memphis, TN 38120. Keep in mind that we have 60,000 Puddler Greenwing members, and space for children's artwork is limited. Most of the online magazine's space is devoted to educating Greenwings in a fun way about wetlands and wetland wildlife.

Are there DU Greenwing events?

Answer: Many of our 3,500 DU chapters nationwide hold Greenwing events that include such things as waterfowl identification, duck calling, dog training demonstrations, archery, fishing, and conservation education programs. Check with our membership department at 1-800-45-DUCKS.

What information is available for teachers and education?

Answer: The best source of information for teachers with children of Junior Greenwing age (under 12) is the DU web site at www.greenwing.org. The most useful information is in the "Activity Guide." This includes many activities that parents and teachers can use to give their kids a better understanding and appreciation for wetlands and the many wildlife species they support.


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