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Events and Fundraising FAQs


What is a DU event?

Answer: A DU event is typically a dinner or banquet held by one of our almost 5,000 events annually across the United States and Canada. These events usually include an auction of exclusive DU event collectible merchandise. Other events in your area may be a golf tournament, Greenwing or children's event, a retriever trial, fun shoot, or a couples event. Events are coordinated and overseen by our Regional Director fundraising staff located across the country. All events are run by volunteer committees.

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What is a DU chapter?

Answer: A local chapter consists of volunteer members of Ducks Unlimited, organized within a specific geographic area, who are actively involved in raising funds to assist in fulfilling the mission of Ducks Unlimited.

What are Regional Directors and how do I contact them about DU in my area?

Answer: A Regional Director is a salaried employee of Ducks Unlimited. The Regional Director is responsible for organizing and servicing all DU committees and fund-raising events within the assigned region. To find the regional director of your area, please phone 1-800-45-DUCKS or email our events and fundraising department using our contact form.

How do I donate merchandise to DU events?

Answer: Ducks Unlimited welcomes donations of merchandise as long as the donated product is in good condition and of clear perceived fundraising value. Donating merchandise is a rewarding way for individuals to contribute to Ducks Unlimited's mission. The person making the donation can take pride in knowing that he or she has made a valuable contribution to Ducks Unlimited's fundraising campaign, and can possibly receive tax benefits for the donation.

If you have a suitable product of value that you would like to donate to a DU event, please contact your Regional Director using the form on our Contact Us page.

What are the DU national events?

Answer: Ducks Unlimited National Events

National Convention:

Ducks Unlimited's annual National Convention draws together the officers, board of trustees, key volunteers, and staff of the organization for reports on the fundraising progress and operating results for the coming year. Elections of officers and trustees also take place at the convention. The attendees constitute the decision makers for all of DU's programs, both nationally and regionally. Each year, the convention is held in different locations throughout the United States, and occasionally in Canada, to allow any and all members of DU an opportunity to attend this highly informative gathering. Learn more about DU's National Convention.

Ducks Unlimited National Shoots:

In addition to hundreds of local shooting competitions across the nation, DU holds multiple Fun Shoots each year. Learn more about DU shooting programs.

What are Greenwing events?

Answer: Ducks Unlimited Greenwing events give young people 17 years old and younger the chance to participate in interesting, exciting activities that relate to wetlands and wildlife. Organized by local Ducks Unlimited Committees, events include nature walks, duck identification, nest box building, and even special field trips for banding geese or photographing wildlife. To find out more about a Greenwing event in your area, contact your regional director.

How do I get my event posted on the DU web site?

Answer: Submit your event to your state's webmaster at www.ducommunity.org. To submit an event, create a new user profile, which is free of charge, and follow instructions on submitting content.

How do I start my own DU event or chapter?

Answer: All Ducks Unlimited local chapters must be organized and operated within the policies and by-Laws of Ducks Unlimited, Inc. A local chapter shall consist of volunteer members of Ducks Unlimited, organized within a specific geographic area, who are actively involved in raising funds to assist in fulfilling the mission of Ducks Unlimited. To remain in active status, a local chapter must hold at least one membership fund-raising event per year. If you are interested in starting a DU chapter in your area, contact Ducks Unlimited, Inc. for more information at 1-800-45-DUCKS.

A Banquet Guide listing procedures to hold a Ducks Unlimited event is available from Ducks Unlimited Regional Directors and DU's National office in Memphis, Tennessee. Please phone 1-800-45-DUCKS to request the Banquet Guide.

Need more information? Please email our Events and Fundraising Department.

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Other than at a DU event, where can I purchase event merchandise?

Answer: The DU Online Auction features merchandise from past years' Event Merchandise package. Visit www.ducks.org/auction for more information.

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