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Volunteering for Waterfowl

DU events are a great time, for a great cause

Ducks Unlimited volunteers are second to none in the conservation arena. More than 50,000 strong nationwide, these dedicated men and women share a common bond in their commitment to wetlands habitat conservation and the continental waterfowl resource. Together, they orchestrate more than 4,000 events ranging from fund-raising dinners to fishing tournaments to shooting competitions. They donate their time and talents because they care. They want to make a difference. Best of all, they make these fundraisers fun for all involved.

DU Events

If you have not attended a Ducks Unlimited event recently, or ever, be sure to make plans to attend one in the near future. If you hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, you are guaranteed a good time. You will be among people who share many of the same interests. There are no strangers at Ducks Unlimited events, only friends that you have not yet met. You'll also have an opportunity to acquire high-quality wildlife art, firearms, collectible decoys and related artifacts, hunting gear, and many other products popular with those who cherish time spent outdoors and relish the memories of days afield or on the water.

While you're there, spend some time talking with the volunteers running the show. They're down-to-earth, friendly folks who work extraordinarily hard to put on the best events possible. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Stick around long enough and you, too, may opt to join the ranks of the finest corps of volunteers the world has ever known. Ducks Unlimited is always on the lookout for more good men and women willing to go the extra mile in support of a cause in which they believe. See you there.

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