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Happy 40th Anniversary DUMAC

A look back at Ducks Unlimited de Mexico's first four decades and a look ahead at its highest priorities for the future
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  • Eduardo Carrera
    photo by DUMAC
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A Personal Message from Eduardo Carrera, DUMAC National Executive Director and CEO

Forty years pass by before we know it. But it's on occasions like anniversaries, when one pauses to take stock, that we realize how much progress has actually been made. That has been the case for Ducks Unlimited de Mexico, or DUMAC, as we enter our 40th year. 

As the CEO of the Mexican affiliate of the three Ducks Unlimited organizations, I am proud to look back and see how much we have grown and the progress we have made. It's rewarding to realize how widely recognized and appreciated DUMAC's conservation work has become. Although we work in a different culture, with challenges and needs very different from those in the United States and Canada, DUMAC nevertheless is closely tied to Ducks Unlimited Inc. and Ducks Unlimited Canada by our unified conservation mission. 

I remember the pride I felt on my first day of work at DUMAC over 30 years ago, when my boss said, "Welcome to the best wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization in all of Latin America." And DUMAC was only 10 years old then! Now, with 40 years behind us, DUMAC has overcome some big challenges to reach some groundbreaking conservation milestones.

Mexico is a developing country, where conservation is often viewed as a luxury, and the landscape is changing rapidly. In this environment, DUMAC's small size can be an advantage, allowing us to be nimble and to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. For example, in addition to habitat conservation projects, we have strategically focused on providing science to inform and influence important public policy decisions. And through training and education of natural resource professionals, we have extended our reach beyond Mexico and into all of Latin America in ways that will affect natural resource conservation well into the future. 

We have walked this path for 40 years, but we have not walked it alone. It is you, the committed volunteers and members of DU, who have made our conservation journey a success, in spite of national borders and distances. To all of DUMAC's supporters, I offer our most sincere appreciation of your support and confidence. The last 40 years would not have been possible without your enthusiastic support, nor will the next. So let me just say muchas gracias to everyone!

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