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DU Light Goose Migration Headquarters

While general waterfowl seasons close in late January across the United States, abundant hunting opportunities remain for waterfowlers during the Light Goose Conservation Order.  Knowing where light geese are staging as they return north is crucial to success.  Check out DU's Light Goose Migration Headquarters to stay informed as waterfowlers across the nation report light goose movements. ducks.org/migrationmap

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Recently, Facebook modified the way information is delivered via users' news feeds. A new filter now limits the number of fans that organizations like Ducks Unlimited can reach directly at any given time. As a result, you may not be receiving notifications of new posts on DU's Facebook page. To ensure that you are notified about upcoming DU contests, giveaways, and other offers, go to the DU Facebook page, move your mouse over the “Liked” button, and select Get Notifications. By doing this, you won't miss out on any updates and will stay connected to the world's largest online community of wetlands and waterfowl conservationists. 

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