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Breeding Grounds Survey: 2014 Survey Complete in Southern Manitoba

May 28, 2014 - Southern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan
  • Typical habitat in Stratum 36, our most northern transects.
    photo by Sarah Yates, US FWS
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By Sarah Yates, USFWS pilot biologist, Southern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan

John and I finished the survey in the northern most survey area near Swan River on May 22nd. Conditions continue to look good with lots of water on the landscape. We did run into some ice on the larger lakes, including Lake Manitoba; however, it seems that things are breaking up as conditions warm. Counting birds in Stratum 36 is drastically different than most of the other strata we survey in Manitoba. I believe we counted a total of 129 in 36. Compare that with an average day in a typical prairie pothole habitat (counts of up to 6,000 birds in stratum 34) and there is a large difference. Our more northern lines are more like the boreal forests of northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the bird densities are not as great. You also see fewer species as you go north. However, it's also nice getting into some different habitat to break up the survey. Once we finished our survey we headed back to Brandon, so N728 could undergo a 100-hour (maintenance) before the 11-12 hour trip home. The trip home included a stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to drop off John Bidwell so that he could catch a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to continue surveys as observer for Mark Koneff in the Maritime Canadian provinces. He's a high demand observer! Huge thanks to John for putting up with me for another year. I'm very lucky to have flown with him two years in row now. Also, a big thank you is owed to Dave and Karen Wall and the entire crew at Maple Leaf Aviation in Brandon for keeping N728 going during the surveys and providing friendly and reliable service (as well as some company and meals during the survey). I know how lucky I am!

Lake Manitoba still iced up in some parts. Photo by Sarah Yates, USFWS

Flying over my homeland, Moosehead Lake, on my way from Quebec City to Bangor to clear customs. Photo by Sarah Yates, USFWS

Flying by my hometown, Greenville ,Maine on my way to Bangor. Photo by Sarah Yates, USFWS

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