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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Mating and Nesting

Learn more about the nesting and mating habits of waterfowl.
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Redhead Hens: The Parasite Queen
Redhead hens are notorious for shirking brood-raising duties

Life in the Egg
A look at the incubation process of the egg

Biodiversity in the Grassland Biome
Diversity loss in grassland habitats threatens waterfowl

If at First You Don't Succed
For breeding hens, producing a brood of ducklings requires perseverance as well as good nesting habitat

Habitat Update: Northern Plains Receives More Snow
April 16, 2013 - Biologist explains impacts on habitat

A look at goose nesting habitat in 2010
What a difference a year makes

Duck Nesting Success FAQ's
What is it and what impacts it?

Wetland conditions good for nesting migratory birds
International Migratory Bird Day May 11

Waterfowl beginning to nest in the prairies
Wetland conditions good for International Migratory Bird Day

Understanding Waterfowl: The Nesting Period
The health of waterfowl populations depends largely on the ability of the birds to successfully nest and hatch broods

Ducks Unlimited partners with UND for nest cam project
Students study blue-winged teal nesting habits

Nesting Camera Partnership with University of North Dakota
Students study blue-winged teal and mallard nesting behavior

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